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Fat Chance – The biochemistry of obesity

The other day Dr. Lustig revealed the cover of his new book on Twitter. It reminded me that his first one was still in my bookshelf, unread. It turned out to be a good read. At the time of writing, he’d spent sixteen years treating obese children. By anyone’s standards, that…
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Once upon a time before diet books

William Banting was a man who struggled with weight loss. He could not stoop to tie his shoes and walking up the stairs was difficult. When he tried some exercise in the form of rowing, he found that an enormous appetite, which he was compelled to indulge, came with it. He also tried sea air, horse riding, and potassium liquor…
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Why we get fat and what to do about it

In The Diet Delusion Gary Taubes showed how nutrition and obesity research lost its way after the Second World War when the European scientific community in the field disappeared. This book is smaller, easier to read, and covers many of the same core ideas…
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