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On one leg

A few years back, I visited my great-uncle in the hospital. He was post-amputation of his leg below the knee following diabetes complications. At the time, I didn’t know much about diabetes. I doubt my great-uncle did either. He was a morbidly obese type 2 diabetic who never really paid attention to the disease. When…
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No, you can’t live forever

The $110 billion anti-aging industry may be a lost cause. A new study suggests that it’s impossible to stop or even reverse the aging process. It challenges the ideas in the groundbreaking book Lifespan with cellular programming as the next frontier in aging research. The study, an international collaboration that includes scientists from the University…
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Correlation or causation?

When John Yudkin studied the potentially damaging effects of sugar in the 1960s, he correlated things like obesity and a high intake of sugar. What he didn’t have was causation. Proving causation is tricky when it comes to the human body because so many variables play a part. For this reason, we have total polarization…
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