The NovoPen Echo

The NovoPen Echo

One of the best things I have in my diabetic toolkit is the NovoPen Echo. It uses insulin cartridges, and the build quality is a lot better than that of plastic pens, so it makes injecting insulin nicer. You also do your part to reduce the carbon footprint and save the environment.

My favorite feature is that it remembers the last dose you took with a new line for every hour that passes since your last injection. When you’re asking yourself the question of whether you injected or not, it keeps track for you, so it’s perfect for space cadets.

The NovoPen Echo also lets you fine-tune your insulin regimen by dosing half-units of insulin. This means you can correct blood sugars like 6.5 mmol/l (117 mg/dl), which is not possible with one unit pens without eating some carbs at the same time.

Smart insulin pens like the NovoPen Echo Plus and the NovoPen 6 are the future. For now, I’m happy with my NovoPen Echo. It has everything I need in an insulin pen.

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