Month: August 2020

Book Review: The Diet Delusion

Science journalist Gary Taubes makes a convincing case for why you should eat fewer carbs and more fat in this brick-sized book on 20th-century nutrition. Whereas I can’t verify his 70 pages of sources he makes so much sense that I believe him…

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Happy birthday diabetic girlfriend cake

Doctor Blake Donaldson, who started treating obesity in 1919, had some pretty harsh advice to his diabetic patients: “You are out of your mind when you’re taking insulin in order to eat a Danish pastry.” On the long and short I agree with him, but exceptions must be made. One such occasion is my birthday.…
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Eat to live forever (or 97+)

Last month I visited my grandmother in her summer house in the north of Sweden. She was busy picking apples and pulling the last carrots out of the ground before moving back to her city apartment where she spends…

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