Low carb living with type 1 diabetes

Does drinking water lower blood glucose?

So does drinking water lower blood glucose? If you’re dehydrated, yes. In this case it will increase your glomerular filtration rate and give the excess sugar somewhere to go. Some people recommend that you drink lots of water after eating a high carbohydrate meal and spiking your blood sugar though. While it’s not going to…
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Low carb food at the end of the world

Prague has turned into a ghost town with the COVID-19 epidemic. After the government declared a state of emergency last week, there’s an apocalyptic feel in the streets. All bars, restaurants, and shops (with supermarkets and pharmacies the exception) have closed. So has the border. Looking out the window this morning I noticed that everyone was wearing facemasks…

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The case for a low carbohydrate breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This old adage has nothing to do with science. It was created by Adventists Jackson and Kellogg to sell more breakfast cereal in the 19th century. Later the bacon industry jumped on the bandwagon, which cemented the myth…

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