The diabetes epidemic

The diabetes epidemic

If you can do anything to help yourself before you get to this stage then absolutely do it.

Bernice Snook, diabetic with end-stage kidney disease who has lost her leg

This documentary series about diabetic complications is difficult to watch, but I think it is important to raise awareness.

Brian suffers from end-stage renal disease and might lose his right foot. His story is heartbreaking. Yet it is the story of so many diabetics. Diabetes is the leading cause of amputation, preventable blindness, and a range of other illnesses.

Nine out of the ten top countries for type 2 diabetes are in the Pacific. We visit Samoa, where one in four people has diabetes. Two generations ago the disease was almost unheard of there. Now the healthcare system is overwhelmed and spends half its budget on diabetes. As a Samoan doctor puts it: “It’s hard to educate people when you have three minutes per patient”.

It doesn’t have to end up this way. There’s a link between poor blood sugar control and diabetic complications. While it’s not easy, it is possible to normalize your blood sugar with a ketogenic diet. Even if you are already suffering some complications, there might be a chance to improve your condition. Read Dr. Bernstein’s book. Diabetes can be managed well if you’re ready to put the time in. This is the reason I’m writing this blog. I don’t want you to turn into another sad statistic. Remember, you are not alone.


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